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"HollyWood" Tiger Anthrax

The flashiest Retics on the market! Well with a name like that he should be!

7th Heaven

Another ONE OF KIND Prehistoric Pets SPECIAL

Abberrant Titanium Tiger " Bella"

One Wild looking Girl!!!


Simple Recessive pattern mutation with lots of combo potential. Still very rare in collections.
From $1,000.00

Anthrax Platinum

From $12,500.00

Anthrax Platinum Tiger

From $15,000.00

Bringing the Bacon

A small, but genetically powerful group of hand selected animals that is a great jump into both the Titanium and Orange Ghost genes simultaneously.

Captain Zero Male Purple Goldenchild

A stunning Male Purple Goldenchild that is truly a piece of art.


A crazy Dwarf Retic female that looks like a Spider Ball Python!

Citron (Het Titanium)

100% Het Titanium. Citrons are intensified versions of the WildType Retics, and play very well into almost any morph.
From $250.00
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