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Titanium Platinums

Titanium, Platinum, Tiger
From $4,950.00

Titanium Sunfires

Titanium, Sunfire, White, Lavender Purple, Tiger
From $1,200.00

White Albino

Classical Albino beauty in these super high contrast Clark Strain White Albinos.
From $350.00

White Albino Tiger

A nice form of of white albinism,with the awesome codom tiger to kick it off.

Wildtype Reticulated Python

Wild Type Reticulated Python- the king of snakes!
From $150.00

Dwarf Anery Platinums

Platinum, Tiger, Sunfire, Het Anery, Dwarf
From $750.00

Super Dwarf Albinos

Lavender, Purple, Het Anery, Het Snow
From $950.00

Super Dwarf Platinum

50% or higher SuperDwarf influenced Retics that stay very small as adults.

Super Dwarf Snows

Het Anery, Het Albino, Anery
From $750.00

Titanium Tiger

Tiger, Het Albino, Titanium
From $850.00

Albino Citron Sunfire Tigers

Lavender, White, Purple, Tiger, Super Tiger, Het Titanium, Het Albino
From $1,250.00

Caramel Blonde

Caramels, AKA Blondes, are an interesting strain of Albino that hatches out very light, and darkens into an unnaturally dark, yet indisputably Albino snake that has to be seen to be believed.

Citron Platinum

From $975.00

Citron Sunfire


Dwarf Platinum Tiger

From $950.00

Het Caramel Blonde

Wildtype Retics that carry the recessive genetics to create the Caramel/ Blonde.
From $250.00


From $375.00

Platinum Sunfire Tiger

From $1,250.00


An extremely variable pattern mutation. Het Titaniums are often visual, and known as Citrons.

Ultra Ivory Het Albino

Super Platinums, "Ultras" display a radical blend of bright yellows, oranges, and thin black accents that intensify with age.

Platinum Tiger

From $550.00
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