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Platron (Het Titanium Platinum) White Albino Tiger

The only one we have ever produced!
From $9,500.00

Plutonium (Titanium Platinum Super Tiger) Platinum Possible Het Albino

Titanium Platinum Super Tiger Possible Het Albino
From $15,000.00

Purple Albino Super Tiger

Extremely rare, and a favorite morph of many.

Purple SuperTiger

Breedable Male

Purple Tiger

Beautiful and rare Purple combo.


Breedable males
From $400.00

Sunfire Het Albino

From $325.00

Sunfire Lavender Albino

These intense Albinos are created by adding together the dark saturation of the Sunfire gene, with the beautiful Clark Strain Albino.
From $750.00

Sunfire White Albino

From $2,000.00

SunGolden (Goldenchild Sunfire) Lavender Albino

An epic new morph for this year, these 3 gene Albino Sunfire Goldenchilds have taken color and contrast to amazing new heights!
From $9,500.00

SunGolden (Goldenchild Sunfire) Purple Albino

A intense solid Orange snake, With a dark Purple pattern.

SunTiger (Sunfire Tiger) Het Albino

Double Co-Dom. Both color and pattern has been cleaned up and intensified in these snakes.
From $900.00

SunTiger (Sunfire Tiger) Lavender Albino

3 gene combo snakes that combine pattern, brightness, and color intensity into one breathtaking animal.
From $975.00

Super Dwarf / Dwarf Het Anery Platinum Sunfire

Bring the big genes to the anery game!
From $5,000.00

Super Dwarf / Dwarf Het Anery SunTiger (Sunfire Tiger)

A new look to a suntiger within!
From $3,500.00

Super Dwarf / Dwarf Het Anery Tiger

High percentage SuperDwarfs
From $850.00

Super Dwarf Anery

From $1,500.00

Super Dwarf Anery Platinum

A couple genes you can't go wrong with!

Super Dwarf Anery Tiger

A lightened, refined pattern version of the Anery gene- very beautiful and rare 2 gene retics with a lot of potential for combos.
From $2,500.00
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