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Lavender Albino

The result of crossing Clark Strain White to Clark Strain Purple Albinos- a beautiful blue and orange snake that can produce all 3 phases when a pair is bred together.
From $400.00

Lavender Albino Tiger

A nicely in between color phase of the three forms of colors of albino with the codom tiger gene.
From $500.00

Motley Sunfire

From $2,250.00

Motley Tiger Het Albino

From $1,500.00

Mr. Highway

Titanium Het Albino Male

Party Plutonium Makers

2014 Male Titanium Tiger Possible Het Albino & 2014 Female Sunfire Platinum Super Tiger Citron Possible Het Albino

Platinum Het Albino

From $650.00

Platinum Lavender Albino

These bright pastel colored Albinos are created by adding the electrifying, color brightening traits of the Platinum gene and to the Clark Strain Albinos.

Platinum Purple Albino

From $1,325.00

Platinum Sunfire

From $1,500.00

Platinum Titanium Makers

2013 Male Titanium & 2011 Female Platinum Citron
From $2,500.00

Platinum Titanium Tiger Makers

2014 Male Titanium Possible Het Albino & 2013 Female Platinum Tiger Citron Possible Het Albino

Platinum White Albino Tiger

A all white snake with bright red eyes sounds pretty cool right?

Purple Albino

A beautiful Albino with no equal in other species, these are compatible with other Clark Strain Albinos, like White and Lavender.


From $350.00
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