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Platinum White Albino Tiger

A all white snake with bright red eyes sounds pretty cool right?

Sunfire Het Albino

From $350.00

Sunfire Lavender Albino

These intense Albinos are created by adding together the dark saturation of the Sunfire gene, with the beautiful Clark Strain Albino.
From $750.00

Sunfire Tiger Lavender Albino

3 gene combo snakes that combine pattern, brightness, and color intensity into one breathtaking animal.

Super Dwarf Goldenchild Het Snow

High Percentage Dwarf
From $9,500.00

Super Dwarf Goldenchild Sunfire Het Snow

High Percentage Dwarf
From $12,500.00

Super Dwarf Het Anery

A little snake with something hidden!

SuperSun (Super Sunfire)

Homozygous Sunfire- Clean orange snake that throws nothing but Sunfires when bred.
From $775.00

Tiger Het Pied Het Albino Male/ Het Pied Het Albino Female Pair

Male Tiger Het Pied Het Albino + Female Het Pied Het Albino

Titaniuim Super Tiger Platinum Sunfire

Party Plutonium PHA

Titanium Lavender Albino

Only ever produced here, a premier snake, and one of the most beautiful Albinos.
From $4,950.00

Titanium Lavender Albino Tiger

Not too many of these around!
From $5,500.00

Titanium Motley Tiger

From $5,500.00

Titanium Super Tiger

From $2,500.00

Titanium White Albino

Clark Strain white albino Titanium
From $4,950.00

GoldenChild Het Albino

GoldenChilds that are 100% het for Clark Strain Albino.
From $450.00
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